Green Coffee

Green Coffee Extract


In recent studies it has been shown that Green Coffee (unroasted) has certain natural chemicals – Chlorogenic Acid and Stevol. On roasting, this acid gets converted and is not freely available. This acid has the ability to prevent absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. Also, it has the ability to burn fat in the liver and not let the excess glucose in the body to get converted into fat.


In a large study, a group of ladies were given large doses of this extract in the form of capsules of 400mg each of the extract twice a day. The dosage was one before breakfast along with a large glass of water and one before dinner again with a large glass of water. The participants were monitored for twelve (12) weeks and it was found that on an average they lost 16% of their overall body fat and 10.5% of their body weight.  They were able to keep off their weight without any specific additional exercise or diet plan* as reported in the Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity.


At Indus, we have formulated a Green Coffee Drink using a standardized Green Coffee Extract along with flavours and a sweetener (Sucralose) to make a very pleasing, refreshing and enjoyable drink to be savored all day with no side effects. You remain hydrated and full of energy the whole day and at the same time start losing weight slowly.  Each drink has been designed to contain 300mg of Chlorogenic Acid. This acid continues to do its work silently reducing your fat and at the same time giving you high energy by boosting your metabolism. Three of these drinks per day will give you enough Chlorogenic Acid, 900 mg against 800mg consumed by the participants in the study.


The participants in the above study experienced the following:


Potent Fat Burner

Increase Energy throughout the Day

Effective Appetite Suppressant

Tremendous Weight Loss

No Crash

Works Quickly

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