Green Tea


Green Tea is produced from the leaves of the Camellia Senensis plant. You must have seen many tea plantations nearby in the Niligiris, Munnar and Valparai. This plant as we know it or see is actually a tree. If you bend down and see the trunk you will agree. This tree is pruned to keep it at chest level to allow easy plucking of the leaves.
Fresh leaves, called flush, from this plant (tree) are plucked by plantation workers and taken to the TEA Factory. Two leaves and a bud is the plucking standard but invariably three leavesand a bud are plucked. This tea on arrival at the factory is put in withering troughs and warm air, if it is cold, is blown through the leaf bed and the leaves are allowed to wither (partially dry). This process is conducted for 8 to 12 hours. This is basically to reduce the moisture in the leaf. This withered leaf is then taken to Rolling Pans or to CTC machines and macerated to pieces. This process allows the enzymes (Polyphenol Oxidase) in the leaf to come in contact with the catechins in leaf cells and in the presence of the oxygen in the air get oxidised to sweet smelling Thearubigens and Thefalvins. These compounds impart the typical flavour and colour to Black Teas that we are commonly used to.

In contrast, if we heat the fresh leaves coming into the factory,to slightly above 65 deg. C, the Enzyme, Polyphenol Oxydase, that we talked about in the above paragraph gets denatured and is not active anymore and thus the chemical reaction of oxidation or fermentation does not take place. The leaf remains green and macerating and cutting and tearing does not change the colour of the leaf, it remains GREEN. This when dried and graded is called the Green Tea that we are talking about.


Green Teathus has the catechins intact, and which did not get oxidised are very powerful anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are more potent than Vitamin C and E. Black Tea has the oxidized compounds of these catechins and have been shown to impart similar anti-oxidant properties but to a lesser extent.

Instant Green Tea, just like Instant Coffee is made from these Green Tea leaves by extracting the soluble solids, concentrated and spray Dried into a powder. This powder has most, if not all, the properties and catechins of the original Green Tea.  It takes almost 6 Kgs of leaf to make a Kg of the Instant Powder. Because of this the Chemical tests will be proportionate and some of the inert cellulosic material in the leaf is left behind and thus is not available in the Instant Product.

At, Indus Beverage & Multifoods, we buy this Instant Green Tea Extract with a Guaranteed Quantity of these Polyphenols ( Catechins) and use the same for formulating our products so that we can assure our customers that the product contains certain amount of polyphenols (anti-oxidants),such that we can tailor this content for each formulation and as desired by the customer.

These Catechins are very, very bitter and so we need to formulate the product with appropriate ingredients so that this bitterness is camouflaged and the end user can relish the beverage without making faces.

Depending on what the customer requires in terms of quality, flavour, special ingredients, price point etc., the formulation is finalised to produce a very palatable and enjoyable drink. You get a drink that is not bitter anymore. You can taste the green tea at the end part of your palate.


Some of our formulations

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